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Our History

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! But why?

The Saenger Organization was founded by Bruce Saenger and his wife Cheryl in 1985.  The Saenger Organization offered insurance pre-licensing and continuing education courses, as well as continuing education compliance services.  In 2004 they sold the education division to Kaplan Financial Services and retained the continuing education compliance division which they rebranded as Saenger Consulting Group.
In 2016 Deirdre Patten and Richard L Kowalski purchased Saenger Consulting Group and retained all of the employees in the process.  Deirdre has been in the financial services training business since 1987 and is passionate about education as well as compliance.  Richard Kowalski has many years of operational management and cash flow experience and serves as the Chief Operating Officer for Saenger Consulting Group, Inc.  Rich and Deirdre also own two other financial services compliance and education companies under the Patten Training brand.  Patten Training, Inc. offers customized exam prep for the securities industry, as well as custom content writing.  Patten Training & Review focuses on the compliance side of the financial services industry offering outsourced principal services including chief compliance officers, municipal principals, FINOPs, options principals, insurance principals and executive officers, for more information please visit the company web site at or give us a call anytime at (281)419-6030.
Rich and Deirdre fell in love with NH and decided to establish a permanent home for their companies.  In 2017 Deirdre and Rich purchased the former Morse Museum building in Warren, NH and renovated and modernized the space to make it the new home of Saenger Consulting Group.  The staff moved into the renovated space in July 2019. 
The Morse Museum was originally built in 1928 to house the curios that the Morse family collected during their various adventures in Asia and Africa.  The collection included big game trophies, figures from around the world, and even some 2500-year-old Egyptian mummies.  The family generously opened the museum to the public free of charge and supported the local community.  The museum closed its doors in 1992 and all its treasurers were later auctioned off.  The lions and tigers and bears have been replaced by desks, servers, printers and filing cabinets (oh my!) but restoring the museum to some of its former glory has been a fun project for Deirdre and Rich to undertake.  If you would like to know more about the museum history check out the website dedicated to it at
With over 30 years of experience in the Insurance Continuing Education Compliance industry, Saenger has earned the respect of State regulators for its excellence and responsiveness and has the capabilities to manage all our clients continuing education needs.  At Saenger Consulting Group we make insurance CE compliance easy.

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