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Compliance Management

Saenger Consulting Group, Inc. provides services to our clients that enable you to process and track all  provider, instructor and course approvals in each jurisdiction. Saenger will simplify your renewals by providing 60 day advance notice to assure your provider, instructor, and courses remain active. These all can be accomplished through Saenger's online customer application.

  • Course, Provider, and Instructor Renewals... We will electronically track and process all course, provider, and instructor approval renewals in each jurisdiction. Clients are provided with timely alerts to exercise their option to have us renew their programs. ​

  • Pre-Class State Notifications... In accordance with state regulations and well in advance of each scheduled class, we will notify every jurisdiction represented by those students who will be attending your program. Clients simply notify us online of their intent to conduct a class and we take it from there!

  • Instructor Support... Our staff will send each instructor a packet of course administration forms one week before a scheduled class by UPS 2nd day delivery. This is followed by a personal telephone call or email communication placed prior to the class to confirm receipt of the packet of forms and to answer any questions the instructor may have concerning the outlined compliance requirements.

  • Classroom Course Support... We will provide your approved course instructors with the necessary compliance documentation forms including state approved Sign-In/Sign-Out sheets, course evaluation forms, a copy of the state approved presentation outline and any state-required special notices for “on-site” Insurance Department audits, and detailed compliance instructions.

  • Issuance of Certificates of Course Completion... Following the verification of each student’s class attendance or their scoring a passing grade on a correspondence exam, a state-approved Certificate of Course Completion is prepared and distributed to each course participant.

  • Post-Course Credit Reporting... Where required and in accordance with state reporting deadlines, student continuing education credit reporting rosters are prepared and transmitted to each State Insurance Department or their administrative representative.

  • Course Record Maintenance... Complete course records, that comply with all of the various state continuing education compliance requirements, are created from the documentation returned to us by your instructors following each instructional program. To meet State Insurance Department, NASBA, and State Bar audit requirements, we will maintain all course records for the length of time and in a format (and with documentation) required by each jurisdiction. An appropriate “hard-copy” file (as required by most States) will be created and maintained to satisfy Insurance Department “on-site” and “paper” audits of course and student records.

  • Self-Study Course Support... If you offer self-study correspondence courses, we have the capability to provide grading services of “hard-copy” examination answer sheets.

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